8 Best SEO Practices To Improve Google Rankings

Improve Google Rankings
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Increasing the visibility of your website can have a major impact on your sales and revenue. According to the latest research by HubSpot 75% of users don’t scroll beyond the first page of search results. This means that the majority of people who search online find what they are looking for instantly. If your website isn’t ranked well, prospects will find it difficult to find you quickly. If you want to increase your site’s traffic contact SEO Company In Jaipur.

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Best SEO Practices To Improve Google Rankings


Optimize Page Load Speed

Each HTML document’s section loads first, before any visible part of a page. This means that this section of HTML code should be as simple as possible.

This section is often overlooked by site stakeholders and ends up getting neglected over time. Multiple scripts for Google Analytics and user behavior tools such as Hotjar can be left in the code. This slows down download speeds.

Google’s Lighthouse Test will help you optimize your site’s speed. This tool will show you all the things that are slowing down your page load time. This tool can provide information at a fine level. It will tell you what is important to your internal needs and what should be left out.


Write Strong Meta Descriptions

The meta description tag is the text block that appears after the content title in search engine results pages (SERPS). Your page meta description, just like page titles, is located in the Each page’s HTML code.

You need to consider what you want as a user, just like the header text. What description would you use to click the link to learn more?

Google often rewrites meta descriptions. After analyzing user intent, they try to take your content and make it relevant to what users are searching for. Sometimes, they will take text from the meta description or page content and restructure it to make it more useful.


Focus On Getting More Authoritative Backlinks

A backlink is a link between two websites. Google still considers backlinks important for its ranking factor, despite all of the improvements to its search algorithm. Google considers backlinks votes of confidence. Google regards backlinks to be votes of confidence. A large number of backlinks can improve your website’s Google ranking. To rank higher for your targeted keywords, you should concentrate on getting high-quality links.

Many agencies are SEO experts. These agencies can rank websites based on a specific keyword in the Google SERP. You can find the Best Digital Marketing companies in Jaipur in certain cities. These are the top digital marketing agencies of Rajasthan.


Use Effective Titles & Headings

Although the terms are often interchangeable, titles as well headings can be distinguished from each other and take up different sections of your web page’s code.

The title is in the element in every HTML document that you create and the It serves as a container to store each page’s metadata (data over data). This information includes the title of the document, the language used, and the scripts that you use to analyze the data.

The Title (which is located between the Tags is what tells Google and other search engines at the highest level about the page. It is also displayed in search engine results.


Optimize All Images

Your pages should load quickly, so optimize your images to minimize their file size.

Google Lighthouse can scan your website to find out what images may be slowing it down. Optimizing services such as Bulk Resizing Photos or Ezgif can reduce the size of media files. However, most CMSs also offer optimization features that allow you to modify directly within the post.

It is best to keep your image sizes small so you don’t have to reduce them later.


Include A Number Of Internal Links

While you should link wherever it is appropriate, make sure to include some internal links to other relevant content. Google crawls every page to check if you are linking to other articles related to the article you are writing.

When choosing anchor text, link with intent and remember to search. This gives search engines more information about the location of the link.

Google does not specify how many links you should include. However, it will tell you how long your content is. It is important to ensure that all internal links are relevant.


Make Use Of Navigation & Sitemaps

Your top navigation is the most important vote you can cast on your site regarding the importance of a piece of content.

These are some SEO tips to make it more SEO-friendly:

  • Your top navigation should link to your pillar pages. Although you don’t need to link to every page at this level of your website, the most important pages should be there.
  • Use language that is useful to the searcher. Avoid using terms like “solutions” or “services” if possible. A plumber’s website might link to “sink installation”, “toilet installation,” and other related terms.

Sitemaps are XML files that Google uses to find out what your site is about. Once you have completed your sitemap, submit them to Google Search Console. You’ll be able to automatically create a sitemap for HubSpot or WordPress that separates your pages in a consistent manner.


Author: Pooja Mehara

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