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In email marketing, it is very important to continuously do experimenting with your strategy, as trends change and user behavior too, hence we come up with the best email marketing strategy 2021, which will help you to evolve not revolve your email marketing strategy in this 2021.

Before jumping into the strategy part it is very essential to understand some basic things or basics of overall marketing. See marketing is all about understanding customer behavior and triggering or pitching your product and service accordingly and these fundamentals never change whether it’s 2021 or 2050 😁.

Our strategy tips also revolve around these marketing fundamentals.

Hence you can say these strategies will be future proof too.

Now let’s directly jump into 10 best Email Marketing Strategy 2021.

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#1 Opt-in Form Placement

Yes, you read it right. Acquiring emails/prospects very much depends on where you place your-inform.

What is your favorite place to place you opt-in comment down bellow 👇

Normally everyone places the opt-in form on their index page either in the header, the footer, or in the body somewhere which is good, but hey it’s 2021 you need to do some extra efforts to catch those elusive emails.

You must also place opt-in forms on your most popular pages, it can be your blog post or any other page like about us, contact us, etc.

How will you know which is your most visited page? It’s pretty simple, check out your google analytics, if you haven’t set up yet, then hey you are missing out a lot of insights.

You can also set up GTM to deeply analyze, how your opt-in form is performing for that particular page.

Through analytics, you will also get insights that ‘ok my opt-in form is not giving good results for this particular page, let’s shift it to another one’.

I assure you that after doing this you will surely start seeing good conversion in terms of email signups.


#2 Two-Step Opt-in Process

I know what you are thinking, “you mean to increase the signup process, that’s wrong”.

Yes I mean this only, it’s true that your signup process should be short and sweet and the user doesn’t get annoyed with the whole process.

And this suggestion is good with the forms, not email opt-ins. As already mentioned at the start of the blog that marketing is all about understanding human psychology and with this trick, we are targeting this only.

When someone had taken the decision to click on the button to signup a single filed opt-in in that case there is very little chance of going back. There is a high probability that after clicking on the subscribe button he/she will definitely signup for your newsletter.

That’s not the case with the single-step opt-in, as there the fields are visible, and most likely people will ignore it, it’s very similar to ad blindness and that is not the case with attractive buttons.

So I recommend that you place good attractive buttons that will direct to either signup page or popup in place of directly displaying forms for opt-in. Popups are more preferable, our website also offers this when you click on the email subscription button.

Two-Step Opt-in Process | Email Marketing Strategy 2020

 #3 Custom Confirm & Custom Success Page (Thank you Pages)

I think this tip/strategy is quite easy to digest. Your intent should always be to provide an overall good experience to your visitor and this is where custom thank you pages come in.

You should properly navigate your user with the signup process, doesn’t matter whether it is a lead form or email subscription form.

Through thank you page you can not only mention the next process properly but also you can put some details about you and what benefits he/she will start getting after completing the whole process.

Also, the catch is that you can redirect them to any of your other websites.

And this is not only limited to a confirmation page,  after completing and verifying user must get a thank you success page. On that too you can put details about you and your other websites but can also encourage users that, ‘how awesome he/she is that they had taken this step. (Who doesn’t like compliments and praises right?)

#4 Killer First Email

We had included this Email Marketing Strategy 2021 coz many people kinda ignoring this.

Whether you are sending a thank you email or any custom campaign email. Your first email should standout.

As you know we are learning from childhood that ‘the first impression is the last impression’ and it’s very true if we talk about this email game.

Sending a killer first email will not only increase your open rates but also reduces the chance of new users unsubscribing your newsletter.

You can look for Campaign monitor for some good tips for your first email.

#5 Scannable/Eye-catching Content

In 2021 many people take no notice to the actual contest and body, they just quickly scan the email for its headlines, sub-headlines, and images (It’s a similar case with the blogs )

So to provide ease to your users it is recommended that you design your template and structure your content in such a way that users can quickly get through it and can conclude. Also if users find it interesting he/she will definitely, further start reading your email from the top.

Quick tips to improve your structure:

  • Divide your content/pitch into headings and subheadings, as you had seed many blogs that do the same.
  • Utilize white space, this will give breathing space to your content.
  • Insert attractive images/creatives.
  • Highlight important elements in the template and images, this will help the user to easily scan the template/image.

#6 Reminding People When and Why They Subscribed You

This happens a lot of times that the subscriber forgot why he/she had subscribed for your email in the first place and that’s why it’s important to remind your user that why he/she had opted for your subscription.

This not only reminds the user about you and your website but also caters to the email unsubscribing issues.

Other than that it also in a way builds PR between you and your user.

#7 Tagging & Categorizing Emails

It is understandable the all people are not same and in your subscriber list as there can be a variety of users who love to hear only some specific things only form you.

Example: Let’s say you are a guitar company and you sell amplifier too, and you had launched a newer version of Amp, in that case, you will surely not want to send emails to buy your new amp to recent guitar and amp buyers.

This is where your tagging comes in. There they can be so many scenarios depending on your niche, I advise adding 2-3 tags in your audience list.

This will help you to understand which emails you should be sent to whom that will result in max open rates. We recommend Convertkit it possesses great tagging and categorizing features.

Overdoing tagging is also not recommended as it can complicate your email campaigns.

#8 Welcome & Encourage Email Replies.

We are putting this point in 2021 because it’s so essential that any email marketing strategy is deficient without it and though many marketers kinda ignoring it.

It’s vital to build a relation between you and your audience which will let them start trusting on you and your brand, and this helps you to even do multiple closers either for your product or service.

Communicating on mail with your audience, asking for their experience with you, and your brands in a way put in the subconscious mind of your user that this brand or person cares for me and it will boost up the respect for you.

Personalizing with your audience increases the warmness and develops a positive brand/personal brand image in the eyes of the audience/customers.

And of course, you have to encourage your audience to reply they will not directly do it on their own, you have to ask questions, do polls, etc to engage.

This wraps up my tips for 8 best Email Marketing Strategy 2021.

Hope you find this blog helpful and you will try to implement these tips (if already not implemented )

Do comment down below what you like about this blog or if you have any queries.

Thank you and have a great learning day…

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