High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Meaning | High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Pros & Cons

High ticket affiliate marketing
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Hello hustlers, I hope you all are doing well. Are you a content creator or a digital marketer and want to make a living out of online earning? You know about the term Affiliate Marketing but recently heard about the term ‘high ticket affiliate marketing’ and don’t know much about it, then my friend this blogs are for you.

In this blog post, we will cover what exactly high ticket affiliate marketing meaning is, and why you should or shouldn’t do high ticket affiliate marketing.



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What is high ticket affiliate marketing meaning?

As you all know in affiliate programs we promote other’s products and if any purchase happens in return we get some commission out of that product from the company whose product we are promoting.
Now you make ask, Suraj I already know this but what exactly the difference between affiliate marketing and high ticket affiliate marketing.
If simply put this affiliate marketing is a broad term, it can consist of any affiliate program that you can promote, even CPA (Cost Per Action) programs. Whereas in high ticket affiliate marketing we tend to promote high ticket affiliate programs or you can say high paying affiliate programs.

If you are promoting high paying affiliate programs you are doing high paying affiliate marketing.
To get a more clear idea about it, just consider two affiliate programs:


Amazon Associates

Amazon Associate Affiliate Commissions
Its affiliate commission ranges from 0.01% to 10%. These type of programs are low paying affiliate programs.


BeRush Program
SEMrush Affiliate Commissions

It is also an affiliate program and its commission is up to 40%. With such programs, you can earn upto $200.


From both of the example is clear that Amazon Associates program pays very less commission, hence to earn a decent one has to do volume-based work meaning he had to promote a lot of products to earn decently.
Whereas BErush which is a SEMrush affiliate program, if you just promote its the single product to a highly targeted niche you will get the conversion, hence it is quality based affiliate marketing.
Thus such type of affiliate programs is called high ticket affiliate marketing.
In high ticket affiliate marketing programs there are many different types of commission and benefits that you can get like, recurring commission, trial activation commission, signup commission, and much more.

Hence it all depends on your niche, marketing tactics, and ad spending capacity whether you will better able to do high ticket affiliate marketing or low paying affiliate marketing.

Hence just analyze all the above points that I had mentioned and choose your affiliate program to promote.


High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Pros & Cons

Now the question comes why you should or shouldn’t do high ticket affiliate marketing. What are ins and outs? What are high ticket affiliate marketing Pros and cons?


High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Pros

High ticket affiliate marketing programs pay you a lot of commission per sales and if you want to earn a chunk without signing up for a lot of affiliate programs or promoting a ton of products, this is your way to go. Another thing, if you have a targeted audience or you have some amount to spend on campaigning, then it will be pretty easy for you to get the closers.
Also, there are a lot of individual programs, in which you have to promote eBooks, courses, etc which can even pay you upto 80% commission, crazy isn’t it.

Now you may think that if high ticket affiliate marketing programs are having so many goodnesses then why bothering with low-paying affiliate programs. That’s because high ticket affiliate marketing comes with some major cons.


High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Cons

Firstly it is very difficult to get the closers for high ticket affiliate programs. I’m on my own facing this problem, and it is pretty clear why so. The product of such programs cost too much and thus very less people take interest in buying such products other than the one who is in very much need of it and couldn’t find the alternatives.
Second, because of the first point, to get the closers for such affiliate programs we require to have paid campaigning (highly targeted campaigning) which requires a good amount of investment, so if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing then high ticket affiliate marketing may not be your cup of tea.
Thirdly, there are a lot of high ticket affiliate programs that are totally a scam and can’t, I can’t take those names here but many individual non-branded high ticket affiliate programs fall under this category. Majorly these are referral programs, online courses, self-improvement products, and many more. Again I do know many of such programs but cannot mention their names here.
I think you got my point by now. But you don’t need to worry about, soon I will be coming with a blog over best high ticket affiliate programs.
That’s all for the blog, I hope you got the concept of high ticket affiliate marketing.
Let me know your feedback in the comments below.

Till then keep learning…



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