How To Become A Freelancer For An MNC?

How to become a freelancer
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Freelancing is a rather joyful thing to do. But, it is all about finding the right client to offer your service and feel comfortable while doing it. Many freelancers often bag clients who approach them for one-time projects. However, most freelancers look for long-term projects. It helps them ensure a steady mode of income while also not worrying about finding the next client. One of the best ways to have better earnings through freelancing is to get yourself an MNC client.

Multinational Companies do hire freelancers to delegate the work. Oftentimes they are looking for experienced individuals in a specific field. Getting hired by an MNC means you will learn more about your talents. There will be additional challenges and of course, better pay. In this blog, we will see some of the most common ways in which you can become a freelancer for an MNC.

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Have A Portfolio

Almost all the clients will ask you for a portfolio before hiring you. The same goes for an MNC client as well. This is the first way in which you can move closer to freelancing for an MNC client. Arrange your portfolio such that it showcases your talents in a neat and orderly fashion. Start with a genre most common and then add niche-specific portfolios. Many freelancers who work for MNCs have a portfolio website. It is quick, hassle-free, and impresses the client. And more importantly, it builds trust. Having a website with testimonials will add credibility to your services.


Be Socially Present

Social media is one of the best ways to show your activeness. If a potential client contacts you, you must be ready to reply to them within a short duration. So, have an active social media presence. LinkedIn profiles play a huge role in getting you connected with MNC clients. Moreover, you can get regular notifications from LinkedIn when there’s a position open that matches your skills.

You can also showcase your portfolio on social media platforms. For example, assume that you are a product photographer. You can easily display your work on Instagram. Furthermore, you can also display the link to your LinkedIn profile and other contact options through your Instagram bio. Hence, social media is the best way for you to show that you are active in your job.


Use Freelancing Platforms

Most MNCs look for freelancers by searching on freelancing platforms. If you do not have an account on popular freelancing sites like Freelancer.com, Upwork, etc., get it done today. On these sites, a company puts forth their requirements and your bid on their project. The company will then hire a freelancer whom they find suitable.

However, there are many challenges to getting hired through these platforms. The first thing is that you will face a lot of competition. Freelancers from all around the globe will be able to compete for this role. So, it is important that you keep your profile well-curated and professional. You must not forget to highlight your skills and add a portfolio to prove each skill. Ensure that you write your project bid by using the same keywords as the client has used. And finally, always stay honest and never lie about your ability to do a job.


Pitch Through Email

This is one of the most efficient ways to contact an MNC client. It is also very useful when you do not know whether they have a position open for freelancers. You can just drop your resume, profile highlights, and portfolio to the appropriate email ID. So that when they do have a need for freelancers, they might contact you.

Another instance is when they have already posted a requirement. You can explain why and how you would be useful for their organization. Moreover, you have to emphasize that you can deliver more when working as a freelancer. Be sure to make them understand that you can deliver the expected result like a professional.

One trick is to find MNCs that match your niche. Write down the name and contact details of all the companies and drop them an email with your details. For example, if you are pitching for a manufacturing company, say that you are able to build a free invoice maker for their brand. Similarly, find companies that are in need of a solution that you can provide.


Find A Freelancer Recruiter

Most MNCs do not have the patience or time to go through hundreds of bids on their project or through their email. This is why they approach freelancer recruiters. These are people who specialize in finding the right freelancer for a position. They source the right candidate and connect them with the right MNC client. This method is highly effective since most of those recruiters have a direct connection with the Human resource department of MNCs.

You can simply look for the keyword ‘Freelancer Recruiter for MNC’ and get the name/agency that recruits freelancers for MNCs. However, be careful to not pay untrustworthy sources for their services in advance.


Most Sought After MNC Freelancing Positions

When it comes to MNCs, hire full-time employees most of the time. Because they have the resources to do so. However, there are some positions for which most MNCs hire a freelancer. They are as follows:

  1. Content writers – The most sought-after category of freelancers for MNC.
  2. Financial advisors – Sometimes to solve critical financial problems, they hire experts who freelance.
  3. Language Translators – MNCs have branches in several nations, and thus they are in constant need of a language translator.
  4. Data analytics professionals – MNCs hire them simply because they are much more affordable than outsourcing to an agency.
  5. UI/UX Design – Another popular field in which there’s a very high earning potential when you get hired by an MNC.



Always remember that you should put your best foot forward when pitching about your services. Also, have a free invoice maker ready to bill your clients for all the hours you have worked for them. Finally, keep your portfolio fresh and updated!

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