How to do Affiliate Marketing? | How can I Start with Affiliate Marketing?

How to do Affiliate Marketing
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Affiliate Marketing is the promotion of a merchant’s product on your own platforms and the company gives you commission based on your no of sales for their products. In this blog, we are going to cover how to do Affiliate Marketing in the best way.

As everyone wants exponential growth in every aspect and especially in the revenue field, hence that is why nowadays people use to have multiple platforms, so that they can multiply their commission.


How to do Affiliate Marketing?

But first, let’s discuss the platforms that you can create to promote the affiliate products.

Basically, these platforms are of different nature such as social media account, YouTube, and your own blogs and review websites and many more.

And in some cases, we could also consider mobile applications also as a good platform to promote affiliate products.

So before getting upon creating the website and apps based platform, I would like to make sure that you know about, how you can actually make money from your social media account.

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To generate income from your social media accounts you must have to grow your audience by putting more catchy and impressive posts, on it like, related to fashion travel or thoughts or maybe your singing talent or any niche of your interest.

As you grow with numbers on your social media you can give your recommendations of the products and your affiliate links in the caption of your pictures and posts or swipe up links. This way you can utilize any of your social media accounts and can do good online earning.

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Similarly, you can monetize your YouTube channel by making the product review and putting links in the description, as your viewers buy from your links you will get paid accordingly.

Now let’s jump on to the main itch about how to do Affiliate Marketing through my blog and earn money by posting articles.

So there is nothing much tricky here, first of all, you have to choose your favorite niche, in which you have good knowledge and keen interest. If you like bikes and know all it’s functionality very well and you want to spread your knowledge over the internet then you can write about bikes, similarly, fashion/makeup, pets, etc.

In the same way, you go with any of the niches which you like to discuss. You have to be consistent about putting content on your blog so that you could actually make your audience stick to your blog.

Then you can join some affiliate programs in the same niche so that you can put the ads on your blog, and then you will earn whenever someone clicks and buy from your affiliate link.

I recommend Adam Enfroy website for you to find out which is the best affiliate program that you can join to promote in your niche, do check it out.


Why you should join affiliate marketing?

The one main reason, from many ofcourse, is that it is the easiest way of monetizing.

Whenever someone buys something from your affiliate link, then the company which you have joined as an affiliate partner or an associate will pay you the commission accordingly.

The commission percentage is subject to the category of product and it varies from product to product. For instance, electronic products are different from the apparel and groceries, here the commission varies from 0.2% to 5% and even up to 60% in some cases, depending upon the product.

By the way, everybody will agree that digital products have a higher commission rate than physical products. One more plus point the digital products have is that almost every digital product is being consumed on a monthly basis. Hence you here is a big commission for you as you will get every month which means that this digital product gives you a recurring commission, It sounds great isn’t it but the real drawback is it’s tough to get the conversion.


What are the best digital products that I can promote?

Below are the top digital products that give the best commission. And I am going to provide the affiliate links of all these products so that you can check out how their landing page looks like.

You can also buy any of these products if you want. ?

Popular Website hostings like BlueHost & Paidboom, SEO tools like SEMrush & Ahrefs, email marketing tool like Aweber & Drip and similarly many other tools in the digital world

You can also join affiliate networks such as ShareASale and Commission Junction (CJ Affiliate) to get thousands of affiliate programs to promote.

The crucial thing that you must focus on is choosing the right affiliate programs and get approved with affiliate programs.

See whenever you apply for any affiliate program it will ask you that which is your platform to market our product then you have to submit the link of your platform.

After submitting, they will analyze your platform (Website or YouTube) and verifies your audience engagement and authority of the website. And some other factors which will discuss in further in this affiliate marketing series.

Sometimes it’s hard to cope up with such mail.

Affiliate Disapproval

But hey you can join many other affiliate programs too, so no worries.


Affiliate Marketing is one of the best revenue-generating sources in the digital world. But the thing is, that you have to be patient and persisted, to achieve your goals.

Also while developing your blog, social media, or any platform which you will use to Affiliate Marketing is very crucially and should be true to your audience.

Your only intent should be to deliver quality content to build the trust of your audience to increase the no of sales and conversions.

Here let’s wrap up this blog post and will continue to deliver such useful and valuable content to you just keep loving us share this blog if you find these helpful to you.

Thank you. 

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