Different Types of SEO Techniques, White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO | Which SEO Technique is best for you?

Types of SEO Techniques, White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO
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SEO techniques are nothing but the planning of outline and design of the execution steps and path to be followed to improve the search engine ranking of a particular website. In simpler words, an SEO technique is a plan and path that you follow, when you want more organic traffic on your website.

And all of this headache people take to generate leads online. The valuable leads are the most desirable to every business present online. This desire could only be fulfilled by delivering quality content to online visitors, and the people who are interested in your business.

There are several multiple streams of content you can create multiple types of industry-related content such as blogs, eBooks,  content-rich videos, and relevant and engaging infographics.

So on the basis of the intent, path, and plan followed, the SEO techniques are classified into four categories.

White Hat SEO Techniques
Black Hat SEO Techniques
Grey Hat SEO Techniques
Negative SEO Techniques




1) White Hat SEO Techniques

The terms “white hat SEO” refers to using and implementing the SEO tactics with good ethics and intends and are in accordance with the terms and guidelines of the major search engines, including Google.

Also, the White Hat SEO means the practice which improves organic reach on a search engine results page (SERP), while staying within the terms of the search engines helps in maintaining the integrity of a website.

The white hat SEO technique stays within the boundaries as defined by Google.

The White hat SEO Technique includes:

Offering quality content and services

Fast site loading time

Using descriptive, keyword-rich Meta tags

Making your site easy to navigate

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2) Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black hat SEO Technique is a combination of SEO tactics to quickly rank, in this the person exploits search algorithms to get higher rankings.

As they drive fast results some businesses prefer black hat SEO techniques rather than white hat SEO techniques. People want immediate gratification without putting in too much work. The downfall, however, is that black hat SEO ends up hurting businesses in the long run.

Hence we at Genrk Business Solutions prefer pure white hat SEO techniques, it takes time but good for getting long term leads and traffic.

There are numerous tactics that fall under the black hat SEO techniques, like:

Link Spamming

Putting irrelevant links in the content like affiliate or internal links in excess amount is link spamming.

cloaking a black hat seo technique

Stuffing the high search volume keywords repeatedly in the content irrelevantly is known as  Keyword Stuffing.


Cloaking is similar to the clickbait, in this technique generally the Meta tags or the snippet are filled with clickbait lines to increase the no of clicks

Hidden text/links

As the name suggests stuffing hidden and suspicious links on the website to capturing the sensitive data of the user

Using irrelevant, popular keywords

Over optimizing HTML heading

Copying content

Buying links

These black hat SEO techniques do improve the ranking but it does not last. Google catches on to these techniques and if you’re caught, your site will suffer severely.

You should avoid appearing in relevant search results by using these techniques, as the search engines can punish your business and even ban your site. Since every search engine like google wants to give relevant search results. Hence it does not waste even a single minute in banning the people who take a short-cut to try to achieve high rankings.

3) Gray Hat SEO Techniques

Gray hat SEO techniques are the middle ground between white and black hat SEO. This technique isn’t quite good for your site, but it isn’t listed as bad. That is why it is called the gray hat SEO technique because it falls into a Gray area.

These SEO techniques aren’t banned by Google, but they aren’t considered an acceptable way to obtain leads.

Generally, companies reduce their costs and offer these gray hat SEO techniques market as the “affordable solution.” because they are using questionable unconventional methods.

Here are some examples of Gray Hat SEO Techniques:

Clickbait articles

Spun content 

These are the content that is copied from somewhere but normally used on a website with little change in the phrases.

Link exchanges

Paid reviews

Normally businesses use these tactics to improve their site’s performance in the search results.

Gray hat SEO techniques are not even properly prohibited in the Google guidelines but still, they are not even the best practice of doing the SEO of your website. It can lead to negative effects and hurt your business rather than helping it.

4) Negative SEO Techniques

Negative SEO techniques are not a pure form of SEO technique but it is actually a cybercrime because in the negative SEO people do everything which is beyond the ethics of professionalism. You can see the negative SEO scenarios between business competitors.

When you see a business using negative SEO, they are trying to hurt their competitors’ reputations.

Companies use Gray and black hat SEO techniques to cause harm to competitors’ businesses. They implement these techniques to decrease a business’s rank so they can improve their own.

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Negative SEO practice usually consists of the following steps which people use:

Building unnatural links to a competitor’s site

Posting negative reviews

Hacking websites to modify the content

The main idea behind the negative SEO technique is to downgrade the competitor’s website authority in the eye of Google. 



In conclusion, the only thing that deserves to be mentioned is that you should avoid the black hat SEO technique at all cost, doesn’t matter how much traffic you urgently need.

As the white hat SEO technique has a little bit of slow growth but it has a greater scope and lasting impact on the ranking of your website.

One more thing that needs to be on top of your list is that you should keep on checking your website HTML code and overall performance, to avoid any kind of negative SEO attack by any of your competitors. And always try to work ethically as that is the only away to grow and remain on the top for long.

We are soon coming up with a dedicated blog over how to prevent your website from negative SEO, hence stay tuned.

All the best…

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