What is Email Marketing? | How to Get Started with Email Marketing?

Email Marketing
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In general, email marketing the process of promoting a product or service through emails. Email marketing is the part of push marketing where one shares personalized emails to the prospects.

As checking out emails is part of daily routine nowadays like social media, hence It is considered one of the best ways to market. But it’s one step ahead of social media as the conversion rate is far better than Facebook or Instagram.

Most of the marketers use this platform to promote their service, courses, and webinars, etc.

Basically, email marketing is initiated by simply sending an email to the person who is unknown to you and your business. And the intention of sending emails to the person is purely to make the person consider the brand or consider the marketer as an individual.

Once that individual considers your brand and engages with your mail that means you have got a lead. In the same way, you can implement any of the sales and marketing funnel to the email marketing campaigns. This is the whole gist of email marketing and it’s USP.

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How to get started with email marketing?

Now you can ask how to get started with email marketing? How it is different from other marketing modules like SEO, Social Media Marketing, etc.

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So first let me tell you one thing is that email marketing is different vehicles of digital marketing, because this has a direct approach to every person and makes them a more rich impact at the individual level.


In it every campaign starts with a simple sign up campaign, which is generally run on social media platforms to capture as many relevant emails as possible. The execution of such campaigns is done with the intention of getting enough email signups so that email marketing campaigns could start shooting emails to them.

Now you will be thinking like ‘that means email marketing is dependable on social media advertising’. Not exactly because you can even start email capturing with a simple paid advertisement or by buying email accounts from different sources or from your website.

Last but not the least alternative is that you can attach a private SMTP or email marketing tool like Aweber or Drip, ConvertKit tools (Recommended by Genrk Techken) to your website or blog, which helps your visitors subscribing to your website.

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This is similar to subscribing to a YouTube channel in this case it captures and saves the email ‘Id’ of the subscriber.

The next thing comes to the execution of email marketing campaigns with the implementation of the sales or conversion funnels.

You must be thinking about what are those sales and conversion. All I can say is that, the structural plan of executing email marketing campaigns is the real meaning of email marketing.

When someone gets the lead the next intent becomes is to make the person feel more confident about your business. This step is called lead nurturing. You can do lead nurturing by sending emails about the best deals and offers about your services. And can make the person aware of the best deals.

You can send your prospect/customer different posts and interactive content to make him more clear about your business.

After this stage here comes the sale or the conversion stage. In which you become useful in converting the leads. But this is not the end you have to be more careful about your client’s retention towards your service or product.

As one of the most important factors here is that the quality of service you deliver to the customer, will bring you retention of the customer. It also provides you more references from your existing customers.


Here it is clear that email marketing is the simplest and structured way of marketing your product, service, or business.

And it is an impressively effective way to reach the potential customer from nowhere to impact deeply, especially new business &  start-ups in acquiring leads and securing their feet into the market and to stay back in the competitive world of business.

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