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Do you know the biggest question most bloggers who start blogging face, what should be my first blog post?

Most people spend hours and days on finding an answer to this question. People want to make it big, they want to start with a bang, they want their first blog post to be excellent, fantastic, and perfect that gives them the key to their online success. So they spend days, weeks and even months to write their first and best blog post.

But it doesn’t work that way. As I always mention, blogging is not a 100-meter dash, it’s a marathon. Success doesn’t happen overnight or in one post. It takes a lot of effort and a lot of blog posts.

You don’t need to wait for the perfect blog post to start, you just need to start. It’s better to start with something easy and straight forward and as you gain more experience and confidence, you can set out to write your best post.

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What to Write for my First Blog?

Here I’ll be suggesting a few easy blog post ideas to help you start blogging asap.

1. Write about the books that you had read

What are the top books you read and like in your niche? Write about them, list the books, write a short description of the book, why you like it, and how it could help your audience. If you aren’t an avid reader, you can list the resources or tools that’ll help your audience.

2. write a list post

The idea is to write a list post. It’s one of the simplest yet useful posts you can write in the early days but don’t overdo it.

3. Write about the top questions in your niche

What are the questions your audience asks frequently? Answer them in a post. Every niche and audience will have a few repeat questions.
For example, I usually get these questions:
Does blogging work?
Does SEO work?
Will digital marketing work in X years?
Is it safe and advisable to start a career in digital marketing?
How long does it take to rank a website?
Can I make a passive income online?

And so on…You’ll have such questions. Some of them even find their way to Google search and can be found on the people also ask section. You can collect a few of them and answer them in a blog post

4. write a roundup post

What are the top blog posts you read this week/month? Do a roundup post. Everyone is busy and there are hundreds of blog posts getting published every second. It’s hard to keep up with them or pick the few to read.
You can collect the useful blog posts you’ve read in a week or month and write a roundup post. It offers quite a bit of benefit. You can publish them on a weekly or monthly basis with less effort and time.
People will have something to look forward at regular interval and if you’re doing an excellent job with the roundup will appreciate your effort. You can connect with the authors of the posts in your roundup and leverage their audience base. You can ask them for a social share or retweets and probably get it as you’re covering their work. It could lead to more exposure.

5. Write about Quotes

What are the quotes you’ve recently come across and liked? Write about them. Everyone loves a good quote. It motivates them. And it showcases them as an intellectual when they share such quotes on their social media profiles. Moreover, it’s easy to read them.
You can collect quotes from several influencers on a specific subject to create a post. It’s easy, requires less time to create, and gets shared. And if you put the quotes in high-quality image formats, you can get them pinned, Instagrammed, and shared across Facebook & Twitter.

6. Write about Influencers in your niche

Who are the top influencers in your niche that you’re following? Write about them. It’s hard to find the right people to follow and learn in any niche. And you can help your audience to connect with the right influencers. You can create such people to follow blog posts.
Your audience will appreciate your effort and you can let them know about the post and your coverage about them, and you can even get a social share from them. Thus opening up a few new audience channels and new readers to your blog and list.

7. Write your own story

Why did you start your blog? Write the reason behind your blog’s existence. Stories rule marketing. People love to read personal stories. It creates a bond between the reader and the author. Write about what motivated you to create a blog. What keeps you writing? Tell your story.

8. Share the things that you had learned in your niche

What tips do you have to share with your readers? Write a post listing them. People crave for tips. They want to try/follow something that worked for others, proven to produce results. You can share the tips that helped you achieve specific results. Keep the tips both detailed and short at the same time. And if they are actionable and straightforward, your readers will appreciate them.

What are the common mistakes made in your niche? How to avoid them? People want to avoid mistakes at all costs. You can help them by listing out the common mistakes in your niche. You can include details like how those mistakes affect the people and how they can be avoided.

9. Answer the questions as a blog post

What questions should people be asking, but not? Though your audience asks tons of questions related to your niche, there are always a few questions they should be asking, but don’t. You can list such questions and answer them all in one post or answer each one in a post as it fits. People will love it because you’re giving them the answers they need to succeed. You’ll be seen as a proactive and caring blogger.

10. Write about your mentors

Who is your mentor? What have you learned from him/her? Write about your mentor and what you learned from him/her. Your readers will love it because everyone loves it when someone talks about their mentor. It makes you human and humble. Also, you can let your mentor know about the post, and get a social share from him/her.
There you go ten ideas you can start using today to write your blog post. But, remember…Regardless of the idea you choose, be sincere when you write. Because if you aren’t, your readers will spot it quickly and it is something they won’t forgive you. In the next email, I’ll share 10 more post ideas you can use.


To start with writing blogs, don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking too much, and don’t wait for perfection, just start writing by taking clues from above.
Stick to your niche, consistently work over it to take it at the level where it starts giving you good returns

All the best for your future…

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