YouTube Vs TikTok Which is a Better Platform

YouTube vs TikTok
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YouTube vs TikTok is the most trending and booming topic amongst the young Indian audience. Even it’s breaking records on every digital platform. The impact of this topic is that hard, that even the media channels have jumped into the flowing water and created videos to gain views.

You must be wondering that, why this topic is so much heated and why it’s getting so much attention. You will get all the answers in this blog so keep your eyes stick to blog.

YouTube Vs TikTok – The Reason for the heat behind

See, Everyone wants to increase their views on YouTube videos, likes on Instagram & their income as social influencers.

Talking about social media influencers and digital content creators, there is a necessity of creating more engaging  & on-demand content for their audience.

However, you must have seen, so many digital content creators. Talking about only positive and good content, but they end up creating content that is on-demand.

This whole is the game of money and numbers, so I recommend you not to have any opinion on this topic useless you know the insights. As some of you may say that, YouTube is best and some of you say TikTok is best.

So by saying all this I just want to conclude that, don’t get attached emotionally to this YouTube vs TikTok thing. Everyone is making videos on this topic, as they have their own personal interest in getting views, and not to deliver any value through it.

Ultimately this is similar to the media houses and news channels, who spread negative and fake news to get the higher TRP.

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Then what you should be focusing on?

The correct thing that you shall do is to understand these two platforms.

Youtube vs TikTok Which is a Better Platform?

Well answer to this question is pretty simple, there are few major differences that both these two platforms own.

1) Youtube vs TikTok Creativity Comparison

The creativity level is completely different on both platforms. First, take YouTube, here video has more vastness in terms of creativity. Here one can put any niche video which comes under the guidelines of YouTube.

As the time limit on YouTube is 12 hours ? that means you can upload a video up to 12 hours of long video with 128 Gb size.

The next thing that comes is the efforts that are put; usually, every YouTuber first write scripts (excluding Vloggers) records the video and after edit it and upload it on YouTube. And generally, this hassle takes 2 to 6 hours and for some big production channels like “Salil Jamdaar” which takes usually up to 3 months.

Talking about the TikTok it already consists of some frames and sounds, which makes the video making smooth and effortless.

Hence it’s not at all tricky to create content on Tik Tok, surely the effort is there but not as that of YouTube level.

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2) YouTube vs TikTok Content Comparison

It’s true that how good any platform’s content is decided by their creators, so here I am directly/indirectly including YouTube and TikTok creators too.

Most of the content on TikTok consists of mimic and roleplay videos and of course, this is due to the creators, as most of them had grown seeing Bollywood and as TikTok provides them the facility to roleplay over the famous actor and actresses, creators here utilize these features to the fullest.

It is to be noted that TikTok too promotes such content, the TikTok algorithm is set up in such a way that it promotes more short and funny videos. Also, TikTok had done their branding is such a way that anyone perceives this app as a fun time pass (Also said by their CEO)

Talking about Youtube, as this platform promotes long videos and due to strict content p[rivacy and policy, the creators here are compelled to create quality content that adds up some value in the life of viewers and not just entertain them.

It can’t be neglected that youtube also consists of some cringe and shit content as it is also an open platform and anyone can upload a video, but compared to TikTok it’s far less.

3) YouTube vs TikTok  Audience Comparison

Basically there are few types of the audience which could be seen on Indian digital platforms.

A: First class, tt’s the audience who are a little curious and mostly watch how-to videos or self-improvement videos on YouTube, podcast video, etc basically you can call them as “ambitious middle-class audience”.

B: Second class, this class of audience also belongs to mostly middle-class or families or rural part of India, they mostly consume entertainment videos. After coming back from their jobs, they only need content for their self-entertainment.

C: The third one is the upcoming audience which, we don’t know what they will choose to entertain themselves.

The upcoming audience that will come upon the internet, and the influence they will have of these platform on themselves.

Because in India itself has more than 500 million people are untouched from the internet. And so one can brainstorm for creating more valuable content to give them.

Why I am telling you all this? It’s because in this digital world or the world of social media is very uncertain. The current scenario you are seeing is just a temporary phase about what the audience is like to watch on the internet.

It can be easily concluded from above the TikTok mostly consist of 2nd and 3rd type of audience.

4) YouTube vs TikTok Monetization Comparison

Talking about the money factor both the platform is capable of feed its creators well, and creators of both of the platforms are pretty much happy about their success and growth.

But here is the thing, most of the digital creators or I should say social media influencers earn from brand deals.

Like the brand pays them, to promote their service or products on their YouTube Channel & TikTok account or Social media handle.

But the difference is, as the audience of most of the TikTokers falls under the 2nd category as above described, the depth or buying intent of such an audience is not that great, as compared to the audience YouTube consists.

So you have understood here depth in the audience, right?

See YouTubers make long videos with a lot of hard work putting to their content. This makes their audience more loyal towers them, ultimately this makes the audience connection with Youtubers stronger. Hence their audience listens to them more effectively. This is called depth in the audience. That is why the YouTubers got paid more than TikTokers.



The money is present on both the platforms but the credibility is more on YouTube.

Creative content or we should say the quality content can be more seen on YouTube.

The engagement factor is one of the most important factors as the engagement on TikTok is far better than YouTube.

So why Do you guys up on this blog Did. I made justice to the heat of this topic and explained to you everything about it well. Or else I forgot something? Comment down below ? and do let us know what you think over YouTube vs TikTok.

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  1. i truly appreciate content of the blog, although the information mentioned in the blog was very insightful, still this blog is far entertaining than that of cringe present on TikTok.
    thank God TikTok is banned in India 😉

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